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Completely Customizable Signage

Signs, banners, and pin flags are a great way to remind people why they are at your tournament. Use signage to bring awareness to your cause, promote your company or organization, or thank sponsors for their generous support.

Choose style 1 or 2 for your Grand Prize sign—included in every Hole in One Contest Package.

Event Signage

These 24″ x 24″ and 24″x36″ signs are perfect for highlighting contest holes or raffle prizes, splitting up your event, or giving directions. With us, you can customize your sign to include logos and reflect company or organization colors. Our creative team will work with you by e-mail or on the phone.

Click a sign’s image and fill out the form to place an order, or give us a call at 855.994.7328

All sign pricing is as follows:

Size Quantity
1-18 19+
24″x24″ $17.50 $15.00
24″x36″ $21.50 $19.00

Signage Style 1

Signage Style 1

Signage Style 1

Signage Style 1

Signage Style 2

Signage Style 1

Signage Style 2

Signage Style 4

Sponsor Signs & Banners

Whether you want to give recognition to a company that sponsored one hole or the entire event, our sponsor signs and banners are perfect for letting your patrons know that their support matters. At industry low prices, you can afford to put a 24”x24” sign on every hole, which means opening up more sponsorship opportunities.


Banner Style 1

Banner Style 1

Pricing: 24″x24″ $32.50 | 36″x72″ $70.00 | 48″x96″ $115.00


Signage Style 3 (24×24)

Signage Style-3-24x24Signage Style-3-24x24 Sponsored by Baxter


24″x24″ (1-18) $17.50 | (19+) $15.00
24″x36″ (1-18) $21.50 | (19+) $19.00

Pin Flags, Bag Tags & More

We know how important it is for your organization’s logo to be seen as much as possible. Custom bag tags and pin flags are a perfect way to make sure that your organization is on everyone’s minds throughout the day.

Customized Bag Tags

Custom Bag Tags

Under 72 – $150 Flat Rate

72-120 bag tags – $2.00 Each

121+ $1.00 Each

Customized Pin Flags

Custom Pin Flags

Pricing: $ 17.50 Minimum order of 9

24” x 36” Check

24x36 Check

Pricing: $ 32.00

Please fill out the form below with any product information you want to purchase. A Great Shot Golf representative will then contact you to complete your purchase. Or just give us a call at 1-800-988-0087

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