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Putting Contests for All Ages & Abilities

If you’re working with real amateurs, a Putting Contest might be the best fit for an add-on to your tournament. Those who think they will never be able to shoot a hole in one from 165 yards can try from 10 feet. Putting contests can be conducted right next to the clubhouse for the most advantageous exposure. Consider making the putting contest a split-the-pot for the title charity’s capital campaign or something unique, like a free year of membership to the hosting club.

Offer $10,000 putting contest prizes for as low as $4 per person.


“I have to admit it exceeded my expectations…Guys were donating $20-$60 just to qualify! There was literally a competition to see who would make the qualifier!…People LOVED it and we made over $600…It was actually really fun and for many people, this was their first exposure to something like this. It was also nice break from our other activities…I would highly recommend it to others, and…overall, it was a complete no brainer.”

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