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Lauren Thompson is joined by the CEO of Great Shot Golf, Scott Bauer, to discuss the latest in his company and the hole-in-one contest they’ll be putting on during Demo Day. Scott also discusses Great Shot Golf’s commitment to philanthropy and giving back to charity. Video is from Golf Channel’s Morning Drive program on 1/20/25 at 7AM.

HOLE IN ONE QUOTES & MORE – Getting what you need starts here!

Hole In One Contests

Sink an ace during a round and win big


Offer the largest prize and create the most buzz

Putting Contests

Anyone and everyone can participate in this fun add-on contest

Great Shot Golf is the premier Hole in One experience in the industry. We want people to make Great Shots and get rewarded for them, and we do it with great service that is backed by the world's most reputable and financially secure insurance companies. Our mission is to help you create great golf events — so you can offer great prizes without the risk of paying out of pocket.

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